“I am an entrepreneur and belong to a family of business men and women. Most recently, my company had to shut down due to regulations and competitive forces. I had to seek bankruptcy protection and I retained a lawyer to assist me in the process.
My legal counsel referred me to Stratos Capital Management who advised and assisted me in protecting my financial assets from bankruptcy procedures and creditors. Unfortunately, given my personal and professional circumstances, I was forced in to a position to negotiate a proposal with a trustee. Thankfully, the majority of my investments were protected from all creditors, past and present. I highly recommend the professional consultants at Stratos Capital Management to all business people and I cannot stress enough the importance of implementing a plan to hedge against any downside risk.”
 – Vancouver, BC Canada
V. Chan,
“I was born, raised and educated in Los Angeles, California. I’ve bought and sold numerous technology companies over my professional career. I’ve been subject to court litigation almost my entire professional working life. I’ve used the services of Stratos Capital Management to protect my assets in almost every case that went to court; I have peace of mind that I am judgement proof and that I can access my funds anytime, anywhere and on request. Having this knowledge has changed my attitude towards litigation as it makes me less vulnerable to the decisions and outcomes of the court. I wish to thank my legal counsel for referring me to Stratos Capital Management, as their services have relieved me from a lot of problems.”
 – Los Angeles California
J. MItrovski,
“In 2015, my business partner and I ended up in a financial dispute. I anticipated we would end up in court and therefore sought independent legal advice. I explained the basis of the dispute and the financial assets that could be subject to litigation to my legal counsel and he quickly referred me to Stratos Capital Management. I arranged a consultation with a Stratos consultant and established a plan to minimize my asset exposure prior to being named as a defendant in this civil suit. Sure enough, I was named as a defendant in a lengthy and complicated court battle with my business partner which is ongoing; Stratos saved my personal and corporate investments from court seizures and garnishments. I am relieved that I devised the right plan at the right time to minimize my investment exposure. With my funds safely protected, I can now pay my legal fees and have access to funds which I would not have access to under normal circumstances. Stratos, you saved me from a whole lot of aggravation, time, and stress. Much obliged for your professional guidance and assistance.”
 – Miami, Florida
S. Malenson,
“I was married for 22 years, I have 2 children, a son and daughter aged 16 and 18; during the course of my marriage I established a successful manufacturing company in Toronto and I held personal investment assets with many Canadian banks. I was referred to Stratos Capital Management from a friend who also went through a divorce.
In consultation with my lawyer to discuss the details of my personal investment holdings I realized that my assets were vulnerable and subject to court seizure pending litigation and eventual equalization. A detailed personal net worth application form (13.1) requires disclosure of all personal assets registered in my name as at the date of separation in order to arrive at a financial figure known as net family property.
After learning this, I immediately contacted Stratos Capital Management and spoke to a consultant who assisted me in protecting my personal investments. My Stratos consultant was very knowledgeable about court proceedings and legal outcomes given the specific nature and details of my case. After implementing the recommended strategy, I saved enormous amounts of money that would have been subject to equalization.
Having the knowledge that my assets were protected by Stratos during the process of my divorce litigation provided me with a great sense of relief and peace of mind during a very difficult and emotional battle with my ex-wife. I would’ve been in a very compromising position if it wasn’t for Stratos and my consultant.
Thank you, Stratos Capital Management, for your professional support during the most trying time in my life. I will highly recommend your firm to all my friends and family who may suffer from extenuating legal circumstances.”
 – Toronto, Ontario Canada
D. Brown,