Frequently Asked Questions

It is advisable to start planning immediately as early on in the legal process possible. Litigation has many different twists and turns and your opposition can file motions in court which may make your assets vulnerable to court orders and injunctions.

We can work in conjunction with your legal counsel on effectively managing and implementing a strategy that works best for your situation and circumstances in reducing your asset exposure to risk.

Yes, your funds are fully accessible at any time.

Yes, this is why we advise you seek advice as quickly as possible; devising a strategy to become judgment proof is legal and is advisable for all individuals and corporations.

All our senior consultants are fully accredited with MBA or finance designations with a strong understanding of the law.

We meet all our clients by appointment to discuss your situation, we devise a plan and have this reviewed by internal legal counsel and we provide this plan to you in writing for your review and consideration.

Stratos Capital Management has been in existence since 2005 in Germany, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Dubai.  Stratos launched the Toronto office in June 2017.